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Idaho Guide Service Inc. is owned and operated by Olin and Shelley Gardner and Family. We are a licensed, bonded and insured outfitting company with over 30 years experience in providing fun and exciting adventures for folks of all ages and abilities. We have a terrific crew of guys and gals who help make all of our trips a great success. They themselves are licensed professional guides with their own unique specialties and personalities.

Shelley and PerriOlin, Marc and Daniel

Gardner Family

Past, Present and Future Guides Wall of Fame!

Alex and JamieAlex Crystal -Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman. Danny's son and a Junior at Northwest Nazarene College in Nampa. Alex is on a track scholarship and is a great long distance runner. This will be Alex's 3rd year of guiding on the Snake and Salmon Rivers.
*(Father & Son Guide Team Member)

Danny and JenniferDanny Crystal - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman/Trip Leader. One of our 1st guides way back in the 80's.
A lifelong Southern Idaho resident, who is very knowledgeable in Snake River Plain Geology, and has walked most of the Great Rift. Danny and his lovely wife Jennifer, a school teacher who also help's us in the summers. They have another son Skyler who is also helping us, when he is not playing in his band. Sky plans on guiding when he turns 18 next summer (2011).
*( Father & Son Guide Team Member)

Jamie with AGDJamie James- Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman/Trip Leader. Our very 1st guide in 1980. Jamie is a multi faceted individual with the most interesting back ground and varied outdoor experience your likely to find. Licensed as a lead boatman on every river section we run, he is King of the River Rats and also an expert masseuse. Jamie's personal and river skills are sure to entertain, please and impress.

Nic Loves to EatNic Houser - Licensed Guide - This will be Nic's second season of guiding, avid climber and biker, great boatman with local knowledge. Alex and Nic are great buds and love to climb and boat together. forty40numskull@live.com


Olin Marc and DanielOlin Marc Gardner- Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman/Trip Leader. Olin and Shelley's oldest son, returning for his 5th season of guiding on the Snake and Salmon Rivers. Oly is a very good computer tech that works full time for Shelley's sister who owns a local computer store. Olin Marc is a really fun guide who enjoys sharing his knowledge of the area and has been on the river most of his life.
*( Father & Son Guide Team Member).

Olin and ShelleyOlin Garnder climbing Shoshone FallsOlin Gardner- Licensed Outfitter/Designated Agent and Lead Guide/Trip Leader for IGS. Olin Started with the Boy Scouts in the Early 1970's out of Camp Bradley on the Middle Fork of the Salmon. Went to work for IGS out of college in 1978. Purchased the Outfit in 1982. Shelley and Olin have operated every season since then.
*( Father & Son Guide Team Member)

Shelley GardnerShelley Gardner- Licensed Guide on all of our sections. Now Shelley has to stay in the office and make sure Olin does his work on the river. Mother of 3 children, Olin Marc, Perri and Daniel. Shell is the glue that make's everything work. Hopes to be on the river more. mail@idahoguideservice.com

Perri on the SalmonPerri Gardner-Helps her mom with all office and especially food service related items. Perri graduated with honors from BSU and attending Graduate School for her PHD at Boulder.

Daniel GardnerDaniel on The Salmon River in IdahoDaniel Gardner- Future Guide (Summer 2011) and trip leader, for now though at 16 he is a lot of help to his dad and brother getting trips and equipment ready to go. Already a pretty good boatman, Daniel also paddle's inflatable kayaks with our guests and is in demand as Guests with children who have been with us before always request Dan Man to join them..
FUTURE *( Father & Son Guide Team Member)

Nate and Bikini Girls Alpha Gamma DeltaNate Moody-Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman. Nate has lived next door to the Gardner's all of his life, except now as he is at BSU as a Philosophy Major. Expert Outdoors man in diverse fields such as Rock Climbing, Back country & Alpine Skiing, Whitewater Kayaking and Canoeing, Biking etc. Olin Marc and Nate grew up to gather in the neighborhood and were buddies in grade school and beyond. Nate is a very consummate boatman and has great knowledge of Idaho and its people. Nate is a blast to be on board with and enjoys whatever he does immensely.

Stedson Clark - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman. Stedson is currently on a Mission to South America and plans a return to guiding next summer when he gets back to the States. Stedson is an expert whitewater kayaker & rock climber, and very good boatman and guide. Nate and Stedson are best buds and Nate is anxiously awaiting for him to return so they can continue their adventures on river and rock.

Wayne and AnthonyWayne White - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman. Wayne was another of our 1st generation of guides in the 80's & 90's. In fact he was one of our 1st customers on the Murtaugh in the early 1980's. Wayne and his wife Cama have been involved in IGS and have been great contributors to our success. Wayne is a manager of a big Office Equipment Company when not on the river. Wayne's people and river skills are well known. He and his son Anthony are now in the process of getting their own outfit on the river here and we are still working together as they are a winning team.
*( Father & Son Guide Team Member)

Anthony on The Salmon RiverAnthony White - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman/Trip Leader. One of our more famous guides, Ant is well know in the local whitewater community as an excellent boatman and all around great guy to be on the river with. Very knowledgeable in regards to local river lore and history. Anthony is an up and coming musician who plays his own music in local venues. He is also very busy with his new outfit in Tuttle and he is managing the operation with his Dad.
*( Father & Son Guide Team Member)

Roy and BodenRoy Akins - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman/Trip Leader. One of the premier Whitewater and Fishing Guides in the Northwest, Roy is Shelley's younger Brother and took his 1st river trip with us when he was 15 on the MURTAUGH. ( Not sure his parents, my in-laws have ever forgiven us for that) Since then he has had the RIVER bug Big Time. Roy's knowledge of River Systems in the Northwest and especially Idaho, have him listed as one of the top guides in the USA. Roy used to spend his winters in South American on some of the Biggest Rapids in the World. Now married to Karen and with his first child(son) Boden, prefers to stay in Riggins and fish for Salmon and Steelhead. Roy is one of the premier fishing guides in Idaho and is in demand almost every day that fish are running up.
FUTURE *( Father & Son Guide Team Member)

Shane Harper Guide with Idaho Guide Service in Southern Idaho River Rafting.Shane on Canyon Springs Section of The Snake River in Twin Falls IdahoShane Harper - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman. Shane lives in Riggins, and he and Ashley have just built a lovely home up the canyon. They have 2 children now Canyon & Lotus. Ashley teaches school and coaches in Riggins. Shane has been very busy with lots of irons in the fire. He has been going to Alaska to fish every Spring and is involved in the construction business on the Salmon also. As one of IGS best Guides EVER he is still on the river when other commitments are put on hold so he can still have his River Time..

Mike HicksMick Hicks - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman -
Lives and works on the Salmon in Riggins

Kelvin Jones - Licensed Guide. Kelvin is one of the best canoeists in the State. Originally in the Farming business, Kelvin sold his place in the 90's and retired from farming to become a full time canoeist. As the Nova Craft Canoe Dealer in Idaho he has access to the best boats around. AN avid back country skier and outdoors man, Kelvin can be found paddling the Snake or its many tributaries when not working on a project on his new place outside of Shoshone on the Big Wood River.

Sarah cover girl of our brochure.Sarah Lincoln - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman. Sarah is a great guide and fantastic musician. A graduate of music school and an expert woodwind instrumentalist. Sarah was our cover girl in 2005-6 on our brochure front. Her parents used to own River Rat Whitewater here in Twin Fall and Sarah has a great background in rafting and camping in Idaho as her and her parents have floated every major river in the area since she was just a kid.

Kirsten WrightKirsten Wright - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman. Kirsten went to school with our daughter Perri and they have been friends since Jr. High. Kirsten has been in School at Puget Sound and was a member of the rowing team. Now working on her graduate degree, Kirsten is one of the hardest workers IGS has ever seen, an excellent person and a lot of fun to be on the river with.

Dustin on the Salmon River in Riggens IdahoDustin Sifford - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman- Dustin is a great guy and excellent boatman, living in Boise now and also works for Cascade Raft Company on the Payette River. Dustin wrote this for inclusion on this page.
I'm Dustin, I've been with IGS for seven years now and I've had some very memorable moments. I'm licensed for all but one of the sections IGS has to offer. I love to be on the river! I love the sport for its social perks, teamwork, and meeting new people. I have lived in Idaho for all but 9 months of my life. Growing up in Idaho has made me more interested in our environment than in anything else. On a regular basis, I raft, hunt, fish, camp, backpack, mountain bike, snow board, ski, snowshoe, and I'm up for anything else you'll put me up to. Also, I have a degree in Aqua culture, currently major in Ecology, and have interests in Bioengineering subjects like Bio gas and Ethanol. All I want to do in life is help keep the things we enjoy around for as long as possible. My mailing address is 4514 Willow Ln., Boise ID, 83703


Bill Studebaker

Bill Studebaker - Licensed Outfitter & Guide/Lead Boatman/Trip Leader. What can you say about Bill that has not already been said. He was the BEST, we miss him so much. Rest in Peace and paddle hard my Friend!

PAST Guides Name/Description and Time Frame

JC, Olin Marc and Nate at the takeoutJC Morrision - Licensed Guide. JC is another local who enjoys sharing his knowledge of the river and surrounding area with his guests. JC is married with 4 children who also enjoy going on the river with Dad on his off days. JC works as a manager for local construction/renovation company, when he is not on the river..

Andy Weigel - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman-1999-2004
Graduated BSU. Working for State of ID.

Dillon on The Salmon RiverDillon Mayes - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman-1997-2002
Married with child, professional musician working.

Jamison Sharpe - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman-1999-2004
Married and he is a Policeman in Hailey.

Jason Kitley on Canyon Springs, Snake River in Twin Falls IdahoJason Kitley - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman-1989-2000
Working and living in Boise, Still goes to the river with friends like Jerry.

Jerry at Shoshone FallsJerry Gloege - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman-19996-2000
Lives in Twin Falls and works for CIBA that serves mines in Nevada
Jerry is Chief bottle washer for local group of boaters that cause confusion and terror when they arrive at occupied beach camps.

Matt Parker - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman-1996-2001
Lives and works on the Salmon in Riggins.

Rob Smith - Licensed Guide/Lead Boatman-1998 - 2001


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